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Alot of people know me for representing for "EMINENT ENT".Most people know me as Wayne,But you can call me WayZ...But etherĀ way it doesn't matter to me..I was born in Blue Island May 31st 1986,And raised on the south side of Chicago IL..
Spending alot of teenage year's in the city,A best friend who passed away,Was into rapping and "I" was there for support,
Many year's later i grew into it building my own career..I first started making my own beat's,Then I stepped into trying to rap..

And recently in 2012.
I started doing show's to step up and perform..My music depends on what am into.Or the mood am in at that time..I only put out what i want..So if you don't network with me "Your against me"..!!!

Real Recognize Real took me in,In 2011.As a solo artist,And as a T-Shirt designer.I make all type's of Men,Woman's,And Kid's clothing.

ODJFamiliaClan/Crew.Took me in.In 2014 With working on both producing and engineering.Along with graphic designs.

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