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I was born. I am living. Eventually I will die. Hopefully between sentence 1 and 3, some will be touched by my words and actions, some will remember them, and through them, me. Want to contact me? email- bendybubble@yahoo.com pn- 315-451-6590 address- David Amrod 3171 Riverknoll Dr. N., #1805 Baldwinsville, NY 13029-6343 I am a writer who writes adventure stories aimed at adults and children. A bit on the fantasy and religious side with everything from phoenixes to Lucifer. I started writing again when my son (who is now eight) wanted to learn a few years ago about different cultures, mythologies, and mythological creatures. I am also disabled due to a head injury, so I spend a lot of time indoors. I am hoping to find some folks who just want to chat about "stuff." Nothing freaky, just about life (which is freaky enough). I have been blessed with someone who loves me for who I am, but we are separated by a great distance. Between she, my sweet son, and the folks I work with, I have a good support system, but really few to talk to about the day-to-day stuff. And definitely few grown-ups. I also love to listen to other people's days. Many of my ideas for my stories have come from the weird things that happen on an average day. I LOVE telling and hearing about those kind of things- Just the real stuff, though, there is enough fantasy in my writing, I don't want to hear it in any life stories. Well peace, all. Hope to hear some soon!
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