About Me

Geronimo is a man on a mission.
Driven by his deep passion for music, he has set himself on an incredible journey through the world of music and beyond.
With skills developed from a humble beginning with only a collection of CD's, he has continued down the path to sonic enlightenment.
Exposure from a blossoming counter culture in the bay area Geronimo gathered steam attending events and started investing in a vinyl record collection to meet his growing demands to become a DJ.
Gaining himself a following and providing his fans with fresh and inventive mixes of underground fused with commercial music and bootlegs both on the dance floor and off. A successful series of DJ mix compilations followed with Nor Cal Breaks Volume 1 & 2 further providing exposure to the Bay Area DJ.
Crafting the tools of the trade he purchased lighting and sound system gear for mobile DJ gigs and worked on producing dozens of his own unique themed events. Geronimo also held the title of resident DJ at several long running local nightclubs in the Bay Area.
Constantly surrounding himself with the best and the brightest in the business and drawing heavily from these influences he fabricated his own niche' carving out his own distinct identity.
Geronimo remains a vibrant character in the local music and club scene, but after reaching his goals as a full time DJ playing 5+ nights per week he has refocused his attention on broadcasting to reach larger audiences.
Creating pod casts and, 40+ online mixes with almost half a million downloads to date and co hosting radio broadcast on 92.7 FM and featured on Portugal Radio he has gained even more fans than ever imagined when he began going down this road.
A full time Father of three amazing children, Geronimo still manages to find time for his new found interest in broadcasting. He is now pursuing further education in marketing and advertising to aid in his transition to the medium. Geronimo continues working on bringing his fans brand new mixes. He is always learning about new technology as it comes along having mastered both the analog and digital spectrum's of music mixing. Producing his own musical endeavors to share. Spending countless hours searching for gems online and in record stores, to uncover the treasure he shares with those who have come to love him. This is and always will be what means the most to Geronimo.

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