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Ira J. Lawrence ( born Jan. 30, 1983 ) is an African-American hip hop music producer, artist and indie filmmaker who is widely known on the block as Ira Dubb. He is also a member of Loyalty N Loot, a family of rappers and true homies that span from Rome, NY to Greenville, SC. As a film student at the Carolina Film Institute, he directed and co-starred in the music video for Fade Black's "For the Hood". He is currently in progress on his first major project, "It's Fire Whether You Like It or Not!" coming soon to both a movie theater and radio station near you. The album is sort of an ensemble featuring the likes of Fade Black, Coca, TMR and Mon B just to name a few but in true headliner fashion, Ira Dubb's mid-90's hip hop/techno style production will put a bop in your head involuntarily and his gritty southern baptist preacher sound cuts through and stands out in every verse. Being raised in the church and on the mean streets of West Charlotte definitely play a huge role in his mini gangster sermons and it's a good idea to look out for a major movement involving Ira Dubb in the near future as his congregation grows. The album, "It's Fire Whether You Like It or Not!" will also serve as the soundtrack and score for a short film with the same name.

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