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I graduated May 2013 from UMass Boston, was interning with the Boston Bruins and was lucky to be hired after graduation. I work in public relations. The Bruins is one if the best organizations you can work for. I love my job and that's a good thing. Love hanging out with my friends, love sports, not much for clubs...I am sure that does not go over big with many people, especially guys but it is just not a place I am comfortable in, you can not meet people and have conversations. I like to talk to someone without screaming over loud music, that is more for the younger crowd, 20,21,22, I am 24, soon to be 25. I have met a lot of great people in these last few months and made a lot of lasting friendships since I began this journey with the Bruins. Hopefully I will be meeting a lot more people as I begin promotions for the biggest Bruins Fans in Boston. We will be heading out to local bars looking for the biggest Bruins game night bar.
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