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DJ Ms.Cattabrie, Originally from Miami, Fl., has come up in the Dance/Rave" Scene since '92, assisting DJ's with parties & promotions, both mobile & in Club Venues. She has had 12 years of vocal training & has been affiliated with several Production Companies in the past which has helped build her name and a very strong history of experience in the Entertainment industry. She has networked for companies and Major Label Artists, through Social Media & within venues & has helped several aspiring promoters, launch their companies off the ground through guidance of her experiences as well.

Ms.Cattabrie held a short Residency at Blackstock, (formerly the Valarium), and Club 90 Proof/Southbound, owned by Carleo Entertainment in Knoxville.  She is the only Female DJ to hold two Residencies in Knoxville in the last decade & has worked with Promoting Legends such as Deekline and The Stanton Warriors & was given a direct accolade for being the biggest promoter for The Stanton Warriors show in Knoxville, TN, The only stateside show they did in 2014 other than performing at WMC.  Ms. Cattabrie has played out of State events for the Dirty Filthy Raver Kids in Atl., & has assisted in Hosting and playing open slots for several events for D.J.'s/producers such as Sound Remedy, Memory Splice, NoneLikeJoshua; she has been aired on Inner State of Trance with Her sets, overseas, twice in July, 2014. Ms.Cattabrie’s passion & dedication is unbridled not only in her craft, but extends out to spending countless hours working with Production companies & artists. The love she has for this business can be vouched for, by many major names in the industry. Links for Ms.Cattabrie are below: 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ms-cattabrie.

Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/pages/MsCattabrie/155019271251239     

Linkedin:       www.linkedin.com/in/MsCattabrie

Twitter:        @DjCattabrie

Mixcloud:     http://www.mixcloud.com/cattabrie38/

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