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pisces How\'s everyone doing? this is my site. Enjoy!
I am Co Founder/CEO of DirectorZCut
taurus Working on site
I made this site, thanks for signing up!  
scorpio NEW MUSIC ALERT: THE B-O-S-S!!! this is another song that's going to be a hit.
i'm a model, actress, singer, rapper, dancer, dance choreographer, producer, director, artist, editor, writer, song writer, photog…
Music, Music and Only Music <3 !!
My friends tell me: "Your music is very soundtrack music!". Ok. Let it be)   Music and sound effects in different genres for film,…
I have been DJing since approximately 1985. Back then I enjoyed the collecting of the hard to find and great pieces of dance and c…
Limited Visibility
I have a passion for djing and hip-hop culture that is matched by very few. i love what i do and i love who i am. http://www.origi…
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