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VokeL, born Ryan John Kline, in Waukegan, IL is known for his extensive wordplay and ability to flow on a beat with combined styles.  He could be labeled as one of the few emcees around today to still make “Real Hip Hop” music, highly influenced by the Golden Era of Hip Hop Music.  He is the Owner of R. Kline Studios LLC, established in 2012, which is a Recording Studio based out of Illinois.  He started his music venture at the age of fourteen, freestyling with his close friend and writing rhymes.  After a few tracks and some time, they both made a commitment to never stop making music and haven’t since.  Throughout his teenage years he was involved in many music ventures and groups, holding names such as Transit and Topik, starting groups such as BMW and iLLiNoise.  The name “VokeL” was derived in 2001 through feedback from his close friends in Arizona, where he lived for more than ten years in various cities.  They implied, “You’ve got strong vocal presence and a naturally loud voice, so what could be a better name than VokeL?”  He agreed and has kept the name since.  VokeL loves to expose the fact that “You don’t need to spend $200k to get professional sound quality, it’s more like $2k”.  Believe it or not, his entire debut album “17” was recorded out of his closet lined with acoustic foam, aside from one track which was recorded at a multi-million dollar studio within The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, where he attended school for Audio Engineering and Music Business.  VokeL made 3 attempts at releasing his solo debut album from 2009 to 2013, but has been halted with every attempt due to unforeseen circumstances.  His closest attempt came in 2011, with an announced release date of 9/10/11.  In March of 2011 VokeL was hit by a drunk driver while riding his motorcycle and was injured to the extent that his right leg needed multiple surgeries over the course of two years.  This life changing occurrence prompted VokeL to completely change plans for his debut album release, examining each completed track prior to the accident, finding signs and messages attached to his experiences throughout his recovery that hadn’t even happened yet.  The album title “17” is directly attached to these experiences and is explained within the inside cover of his debut release on 3/17/14.  VokeL expresses real life experiences and social consciousness within his music and is highly influenced by poetry, which was his starting point into song writing.  His vocal tone and presence on the microphone can be heard or seen both on and off stage, providing a great live show experience that sounds like the actual album.  He continues to grow as a lyricist and proves to be a key resource in music today.

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