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STINGERBOY MUSIC GROUP, is a new Nashville based music label launching in 2014 with flagship artists, Rome Logan and HAO (Hands All Over)!  Rome Logan is a young R&B singer, and songwriter, and HAO (Hands All Over) is a Rap/Hip Hop duo consisting of Gary Bunning and Ben Cartwright who are singers and songwriters. These artists are only the beginning of a crop of new acts that STINGERBOY MUSIC GROUP wants to attract.

This energized new company saw a need for Nashville, usually seen as the home of country music, to also be known as a home for R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop and Blues.  They want to be a company who is artist friendly, honest and hard-working, and who are known for their expertise in music production, music publishing and one that is internet savy. STINGERBOY MUSIC GROUP wants to be the one-stop destination for all artists and their music.

Watch out for STINGERBOY MUSIC GROUP….they are definitely going to make a name for themselves, and put Nashville on the map as a hub for this type of music!

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